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Gone Fishing

Drop your line and see how many fish you can catch.
Save Them Goldfish

Your sadistic room-mate is trying to cook your pet goldfishes and it's up to you to save them.
Sushi Samurai

Try to prepare your sushi before your food catches you. Sushi Samurai is based on the classic game Burger Time.

What do you get when you combine giant crabs and volleyball? Crab-Ball!
Monkey Maze

You are a space monkey who has to make his way to the goal, while avoiding alien crabs.
Monkey Maze II

The space monkey is back, and he has to make his way past alien crabs.
Angry Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog is back and he's Angry.  Help sonic battle the evil crabs.

Based on the popular game Angry Birds

Paper Waves 3-D

Steer your boat up and down the paper waves, to avoid sea creatures and grab treasure.


3-D Glasses

Bear & Cat Zuma

Help the Bear battle the a shark, as it releases orbs in the deep blue sea.


Based on the popular game Zuma.

Crab And Pearl Zuma

Help the Crab capture all the pearls.


Based on the popular game Zuma.

Japan Zuma

Help this Japanese sea creature match deep ocean orbs in this puzzle game.

Based on the popular game Zuma.

Sushi Zuma

Help the cat make match the different pieces of sushi.


Based on the popular game Zuma.

Sponge Bob Square Pants: Sea Monster Smoosh

Help Sponge Bob find Sea Monsters and kill them using either his air pump or falling anchors.

Based on the classic arcade game Dig Dug, by Namco and the TV Show Sponge Bob Square Pants.