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Musical Teeth

Play music on a set of teeth and add rhythm to the mix

Created by NADL

Little Rocketman

Help Rocketman make his way across obstacles by launching him from platform to platform with his jetpack.
Monkey Maze

You are a space monkey who has to make his way to the goal, while avoiding alien crabs.
Monkey Maze II

The space monkey is back, and he has to make his way past alien crabs.

Cutie Quake

The world of Quake has never looked so cute. But that wont stop you from blowing it up.
Lego Builder

Use the classic Lego Blocks to build anything your mind can think of even animals
Poke the Bunny

Poke the Bunny, go ahead poke him, he wont bite, or will he?
Polar Rescue

Guide this little penguin through a series of levels while avoiding enemies
Bug on a Wire

Help your bug run between phone poles avoiding crows.
Ant City

Do you remember the days when you burned ants with a magnified glass, ok maybe that was just me. Well now you can burn a lot more than just ants.

Flick peanuts past hungry squirels to score a goal.
Aqua Energizer

Move all the energy balls into the transporter as quickly as you can while avoiding enemies.

Create a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.

Gem Mania

Steer the toy train to collect all the gems.

Faceball 3000

Navigate through a maze and hunt other smiley faces in this remake of the classic arcade game Faceball.
Save Them Goldfish

Your sadistic room-mate is trying to cook your pet goldfishes and it's up to you to save them.
Cable Capers 2

Navigate your way the world avoiding enemies armed only with your cable gun.

Zed must make his way through level after level collection dots for no appearent reason.

Harry The Hamster 3

Harry is a Hamster in a plastic ball.  Help Harry navigate around obstacles beat opponents.

Cute Dodgeball

You're a cute little kitty cat, who has to defend her goal against bunny rabbits, hamsters, penguins and other adorable animals.

Exit Path

You are a runner, forced to compete, for survival. If you succeed, you earn your freedom.

Exit Path 2

You are a runner, forced to compete again, for survival. If you succeed, you earn your freedom.

Cheese Quest 3-D

Help Cheese make his way through this crazy 3-D adventure.



3-D Glasses

Deep Night 3-D

As you head deep into the night, blast objects out of the starry sky.



3-D Glasses

Rabbit Hole 3-D

Help Alice as she falls down this 3-D rabbit hole.




3-D Glasses


A Lego first-person-shooter filmed using stop motion animation.


Cows Vs Aliens

Blast the Aliens off the screen, while getting the cows safely to the grass.

Snail Adventure

Help the snail collection shells during his adventure.

Snail Bob

Snail Bob makes his way to his new home.

Snail Bob 2

Snail Bob travels to his grandpa's birthday party.

Snail Bob 3

Snail Bob travels to the museum with his grandpa, and gets pulled through a magical portal by a wizard into ancient Egypt.  Help Snail Bob find his way back to his grandpa.

Snail Bob Space

Snail Bob prapares for his mission, blasts-off in his rocket ship, flies through space, and then crash lands on an alien planet.

Help Snail Bob make his way home, to his grandpa.


Balance the weight on the tip of your finger, but don't let it tilt.

Tilt 2

Balance the plate on the tip of your finger, while catching falling balls, but don't let it tilt.

Hole In The Wall

Based on the Japanese game show Nōkabe. Players must contort their body to fit inside a hole in the wall.

Totally Odd

Guide Mr. Claybert through a totally odd adventure to solve puzzles in this claymation game.